How many fit on the boat?

We have room to comfortably seat 8 passengers. We are Transport Canada certified to seat up to 10, however, it does require 4 guests to get cozy on some of our double seats.

What's the cancellation policy on bookings?

Cancellations must be made one full day in advance for a refund on regular tours and 7 days in advance for private tours.

What time do tours start?

Prime viewing times change daily with tides. click on link to be directed to tide chart  2022 Skookumchuck Schedule (

Will I see fish and wildlife?

We commonly see seals, starfish and a variety of birds. On occasion we will see porpoises and  whales.


Are children allowed?

Yes, we accommodate children ages 5 and up and have appropriate safety gear for them to wear during the tour.


Can you bring alcohol?

We allow alcohol on our private tours. We reserve the right to end a tour should members of your party behave in a dangerous or disrespectful manner.


If your group are the only ones aboard on a one-hour tour, we will allow alcohol with a strict 2 drink maximum per person.


Do you get wet on the tours?

We provide dry suits to keep you safe and warm on the tour.


What should you bring?

Sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera.


Where does the tour start?

Our pick-up location for one hour tours is at the government wharf at 6771 Egmont Rd, Egmont. Alternate pickup locations may be arranged for private tour bookings.


Can you bring food on tours?

We recommend packing a lunch on extended private tours. We recommend eating before or after our one-hour tours. During COVID restrictions, masks must be worn.


Are there places to pick-up food and drinks?

There are places to pick up food and drinks in the area. If you’re looking for a restaurant, the Grasshopper Pub is nearby. For grab-and-go food, the Grill-It food truck is located at the Earl’s Cove Ferry terminal and there is a local general store. There is also a liquor store in the area.


Can you accommodate guests with mobility issues?

We can accommodate guests with mobility issues and are happy to assist in boarding the boat. We unfortunately cannot have wheelchairs on board, but may be able to accommodate you if you have companions able to help lift you on the boat. Please contact us in advance.