Welcome to the Skook, one the greatest whitewater wonders of the world, attracting thrill seekers from across the globe. You can see the rapids by an 8km (2 hours) round trek, or join us for an unforgettable experience, riding the waves from the comfort and safety of the same boat used by the Canadian Coast Guard.

You can see the best viewing times by downloading the Tides Brochure here.

Personalized fishing tours. We will take you to your favorite fishing place, or we'll show you our local spots. Please bring your personal equipment and appropriate licenses, as we only provide the vessel and our intricate knowledge of the local waters. Cost will vary, please contact us for further details.

Would you like to take your family to places of unspoiled beauty, swim in the Hidden Lagoon and tan on the hot rocks of the Hotham Sound, picnic on your own private island, sail under a full moon sky, or arrange your own special event charter? 

Please contact us for details.

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